Organic Cotton Mesh Reusable Produce Bags - Multi-Packs

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Say goodbye to plastic fruit and vegetable bags you get from the grocery store!

Make the swap to these Reusable Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags. Unlike the disposable plastic bag, these are reusable.

The mesh bag is made of organic cotton, safe, non-toxic and breathable.

The good air permeability of the cotton mesh bag keeps vegetables and fruits fresh.

Easy to clean: machine wash , hang dry, don't tumble dry. The mesh fabric dries quickly. 

Suitable for storing fruits and vegetables, toy storage, hobbies, cosmetics and travel supplies. Easily folds up to carry in pockets, handbags or glove boxes.

A variety of different packs to choose from to suit your needs-

15 pack: 5 Small & 5 Medium & 5 Large
9 pack: 3 Small & 3 Medium & 3 Large
6 pack: 2 Small & 2 Medium & 2 Large
5 pack: 5 Large
5 pack: 5 Medium
5 pack: 5 Small

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