About Us

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and how MIP came into creation.

Two and a half years ago my partner and myself took the leap and moved from mainland Australia to the beautiful countryside of Tasmania to pursue our dream of living a more self sustaining life and reduce our carbon footprint.

I have always been “eco conscious” believing that we only have one planet and we should do our utmost to protect the little ball we live on. Recycling is a big part of our life more so now than living in the city. We have no rubbish collection here and it is up to the individual to sort all of their recycling and manually drive it to the waste centre. It is amazing how little landfill we create when we concentrate on recycling.

We live rurally, an hour and a half drive to the capital city and I have been keen to embark on my own business and work from home (also reducing the carbon emissions of driving 3 hours per day!).
I have a background in administration and a diploma of business, being environmentally conscious I devised a plan to bring eco-friendly products together in the same space for you to enjoy.

My vision is to promote sustainability and encourage people to be environmentally aware and conscious of the amount of plastic and household waste that is used and discarded unnecessarily. Reducing landfill and plastic entering our waterways is the primary goal of MIP. We are here to help spread the word that we can all take one eco step towards making a more sustainable planet.